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How to Host A Terrific Party

Kim King Smith Events is noted as a top Indiana party planner and with that, we want to share some tips with you to make your entertaining flawless and fun.

1.  Select an invitation that can be mailed and will set the tone of the party.  Everyone loves to receive personal mail.  Take the time to mail your invitation and please give the guests four to six weeks of notice.

2.  Decorate with a theme in mind.  Try to keep decor consistent, but interesting.  Make sure to make your main entrance “grand”.

3. Make preparation and replenishing easy for you.  You want to enjoy the party, not work it!

4.  Try to have everything listed and all supplies set out a couple of days ahead of time, just in case you have a new idea or want to switch something.

5.  Stock the bar with something new and fun.  Whether it be a mixture of European beers or some retro sodas, make it lively and fun!

6.  Don’t forget a “take away” gift.  Whether it be a bottle of olive oil, a scrumptious brownie, some homemade fudge or a personal note, let your guests leave with something special from you.

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