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Is He Going to Propose?: Engagement Proposal Clues


Did you think that your boyfriend
would propose on Valentine’s Day?

Even though it’s come and gone, ladies, there is still hope!

Here are 6 signs that your man is about to pop the

1. He is extra helpful. Before proposing, he will start showing
interest in domestic things such as doing the dishes or going to Bed Bath and
Beyond to give his opinion on the newest home décor.

2. He seems boastful. Every man wants to be able to provide for their wife. Right before
the proposal he will not only brag about his capabilities, to ensure a” yes”
out of you, but also reassure himself of his decision.

3. He acts like you have just started dating. He is pulling out all the stops to “wow” you
right before the big question. Leaving you cute little notes, sending flowers
to work and surprising you with little gifts are just a few hints of

4. He becomes interested in your choice of gold or platinum. He knows your friends
will ask how he proposed, so he is finding out everything you’ve been thinking
to make it special. Every girl wants that absolutely amazing story about the
day they got engaged and how it occurred. He is concerned about the details.

5. Most of the time he is laid back but not recently. He becomes fidgety, even acting
rather nervous. He even exchanges secret conversations with your mother or best

6. Beware of a “romantic” walk, dinner at a certain restaurant or you being very punctual at
specific site.

By Kim and Andrea

Photo by Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Credits to




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