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Archive for the ‘Father’s Day Fun’ Category

The Cupcake Girls

Don’t deny it, we all have a list of favorite television shows that we watch every week. One of my new favorites is The Cupcake Girls. I tune in every Tuesday night. The Cupcake Girls is a great show for me because I have such a sweet tooth and so every time I watch it I want to bake! Good thing I resist the urge pretty well or else I might be overcome with enough desserts to last me a year. The Cupcake Girls is about the trials and tribulations of Cupcakes by Heather and Lori, a nostalgic cupcake franchise in the USA and Canada. Heather White and Lori Joyce are the co-owners of Cupcakes by Heather and Lori and the show tells the story of their rise in the cupcake world. It’s got everything. It has charm, whit, and cupcakes, with a lot of business savvy.

I am telling you about The Cupcake Girls to recommend that you watch the show of course, but also to fill you in on why cupcakes are so happening. Cupcakes are like little bundles of joy. They are just as delicious as a full cake, but in a better serving size, and you can get so creative with them. Yes cakes have the same ability, but it’s a little unusual to see a mound of cupcakes instead of one large cake. Cupcakes are becoming so popular because they are unexpected.

I am a creative person and so I see so many possibilities when I think about serving cupcakes instead of one big cake. You can use cupcakes as the main dessert display at any event. Birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and even weddings are all great places to serve the little cups of heaven. You can try new flavor combinations, get a little artsy with the icing, or try a new display method. For example, you can line up your cupcakes and spell words with the icing as if it were a puzzle. For a birthday or graduation party you can spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or any sort of congratulatory message. You can mix icing colors and designs to create your own original cupcake to match any theme or color scheme. As a bride and groom, think about serving a tower of cupcakes instead of layers and layers of cake that would take forever to cut. Contact us here at Kim King Smith Events and we can assist you with your cupcake craze! We would suggest keeping the tradition alive though, by getting one small layer of cake for the bride and groom to cut and then having a crafty cupcake display for the rest of your guests. No need for volunteer cake cutters, the guests can come and pick up their individually wrapped dessert as they please.

Now if you still want to cling on to the idea of one big cake, consider a cupcake cake. Now you can buy new baking pans that are shaped like an oversized cupcake and matching icing topper. These pans make for an unusual cake that can add a little surprise to the party. Nobody will be expecting one gigantic cupcake! So whenever you want to be that person at the party that always brings the best looking and best tasting dessert, think cupcakes!

By Ali

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Tie Up Your Search for Guys Gifts

I have to thank my friend Hans Gehrke from Chicago for his idea for this post.  He told me about this great site and product.  I just HAD to share.  These collegiate ties from Vineyard Vines  are just the right gift for the new student, the devoted alum or the sports fan.. Look no further!  These ties will make a huge statement as your favorite guy steps out.  What a win for you, the shopper, and for the lucky guy on your gift list!

Consider the college themed wedding too.  Wouldn’t it be great for the groomsmen to wear these and/or give them as a groomsmen’s gift?  The possibilities endless.

by Kim

Indy Adventure’s with Dad

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do this Fathers Day, here at Kim King Smith Events, we have the solution for you! Five fun and memorable experiences to share with your dad. Enjoy!

1. Shop and browse at the Downtown Farmers Market

This farmers market has been around for fourteen years connecting urban dwellers to local farmers. Not only is it environmentally friendly to buy locally, but it also supports over 50 local farmers and business owners. They are open every Wednesday (9AM-1:30pm) and Saturdays (9:30AM- 1PM). Visit their website for more information.

2. Take a drive to Bonge’s Tavern for dinner

Located in Perkinsville, this small restaurant is known for their excellent food and atmosphere. Your dad and you are bound to have an excellent time. Also, as a tip, bring a bottle of wine to sip on and tailgate in the parking lot. This little secret has few tables and often a line, but it is definitely worth the wait. Visit their website ( or call for their daily menu.

3. If your dad is looking for a more exciting time, try the new Indiana Live! Casino

There are over 2,000 slots and great restaurants that are bound to make him happy. If slots aren’t his game, maybe he can try the state-of-the-art Poker Room. Visit for more information.

4. Try a more relaxing day at Easley Winery

Right in Downtown Indianapolis this little winery is definitely going to have a wine your father loves. They give free wine tours every Saturday and Sunday and also offer $2 wine tastings daily. Make sure you buy him a bottle for later so you can reminisce the fun time you had together. Visit their website at for times and offers.

5. Take him out to an old fashioned baseball game with the Indianapolis Indians!

While sitting in the stands you can overlook the Indianapolis skyline and an a enjoy beers and hot dogs. Make sure you check on their website for any special promotions! p?sid=t484

6. Head over to The Fountain Square Theatre Building for some Duckpin Bowling. While Duckpin Bowling is only found in the Eastern States, Fountain Square holds the only two authentic Duckpin Bowling locations in the Midwest. This is a great activity for not only you and Dad, but for the whole family! It’s an easy drive, located  at the corner of Shelby Street and Prospect Street in historic Fountain Square. Go to for events and rates.

By Brittany