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Archive for the ‘Indiana Wedding’ Category

Fun Wedding Departures: What will your exit be?

Thanks to our fabulous photographers Brooke Photography, Morgan Matters, Jesse Daniels, Tall Trees, The Studio, Megelaine, and Brittany Davis

Throughout your wedding planning you have envisioned making sure to WOW your guests with your invitations, décor, linens, cocktails, dinner and entertainment.  Each element of your wedding or event sets a tone and excites your guests about being part of the experience.

Have you ever thought about the party ending?  What about the departure?  Would you like to make it as memorable as the entry into your ballroom?  Ceremony or reception, your departure will leave a happy memory for you and guests.

Don’t overlook the wedding departure.  It can be fun and fabulous!  What better experience than to leave your guests with another unexpected, happy and exciting moment?  We have offered some images of past weddings that we hope will WOW you and give you the inspiration you may need to create your very own Grand Departure.  Make sure to let us know what you decide.

Happy planning!



Fall Wedding and Event Inspiration

Hello, Fall! The leaves are changing here in Indiana and we are gushing over the beautiful colors. Here’s a little inspiration on incorporating these fabulous autumn hues into your wedding.




Indianapolis Wedding: Liz+Mark


Liz+Mark’s wedding was one we will not forget.  Liz +Mark came to us after reading an article Liz’s mom read in The Broadripple Gazette about our company.

Liz’s family was relatively new to the area and Liz+Mark were really busy professionals.  We were thrilled to join in their wedding planning.  Thus began a great friendship and lots of planning time.  I love Liz.  She is pretty, sooo smart and an IU Hoosier.  In fact, unbeknownst to us, Liz’s mom and I attended IU together, lived next door to each other in different sororities and knew the same people.  Liz also was a member of her mom’s sorority and shared in our love of Bloomington.  Mark is a great guy too.  Mark is a FABULOUS baseball player and fan!  A graduate of DePauw, we shared stories about his alma mater and baseball.   We loved helping Liz+Mark with vendor referral, design of their wedding, all of their invitations and coordination.

Their wedding was held at the United Methodist Church on North Meridian on a sunny afternoon. Prior to the wedding, we “trollied” for pictures with my new friends, “Jesse and Gina, Evansville’s renowned photographers” around town.  One of our pictures was at the Eiteljorg under a statue with an umbrella-just for fun.  A few raindrops came right after our pose, but we didn’t think a thing about it.  The sky began to get gray; just before the wedding. Near the end of the  ceremony the weather changed.  With no real warning, we needed that umbrella!  Rain poured hard and it poured fast.

Everyone was onboard the trolley headed for downtown. We arrived at Union Station.  The entire wedding party was dodging the showers to get into the Crowne Plaza/Union Station for the reception.  As soon as we arrived all of the lights went out.  No problem, we had LOTS of beautiful candles burning and were ready for the guests.  Soon the Crowne had the lights were back on, the music was playing and lots of laughter filled the room.  It became a perfe

Later we were looking out the windows at some beautiful downtown city scape with drops of rain glistening like jewels on the windows,thinking about this beautiful couple and their beautiful dayct evening; just like the day had been.



Hiring A Wedding Officiate

Here are some great tips from one of our best resources

For a Religious Ceremony
Any clergy person who officiates will want the couple’s interests to be deep-seated and to extend beyond the architecture of the church. If the couple practices the same religion and are members of a church or synagogue, then the choice of officiate is probably clear. Someone who is not a member of a church or synagogue can find a clergy person by calling local churches and a religion’s national headquarters for referrals.

What to Ask
During the first meeting with a religious officiate, start by asking questions about his or her approach to the service and what the ceremony will entail — whether there will be a speech or a sermon, and whether the couple can offer input on the subject. Should the couple choose to add some personal touches to the ceremony, such as writing their own vows, they can ask the officiate for suggestions and advice.

Religious Officiate Budget
If either the bride or groom is a member of the congregation, the couple may not need to pay a fee to be married by a clergy person. It is appropriate, however, to give him or her a gift of appreciation and gratitude. For nonmembers, the fee for a religious officiate can range from $100 to $250, especially if there are prenuptial meetings. Payment is expected for all of the officiate’s travel expenses. Sometimes the fee for having the wedding at a house of worship is taken in the form of a donation, which can range from $50 to $1,000. It is customary for the best man to hand over the payment immediately after the ceremony.

For an Interfaith Marriage
Not too long ago, it was nearly impossible to find an ordained officiate to perform an interfaith ceremony. Today, although there are some hurdles, the climate for an interfaith ceremony is much warmer. Many clergy will perform this type of ceremony alone, or with an officiate of another faith. Couples who are met with resistance from within their own religions can turn to a third, more liberal religion, such as the Unitarian Universalist Association, which is supportive of interfaith marriages across any lines, regardless of whether the bride or groom is a member of its church. Some couples choose to celebrate their vows in the tradition of both religions and have two ceremonies, in which case only the date of one and one signature will appear on the official wedding certificate.

For a Civil Ceremony
A nonreligious ceremony can be just as expressive as a religious one. If it has been cleared with the officiate, the couple may write their own vows and incorporate readings, music, and themes into the ceremony. Exactly who qualifies to be a certified officiate varies from state to state, so be sure to check with the local marriage-license bureau for its rules. Some government officials may perform weddings outside government offices, but the rules for this also vary widely, so check with the local government to find out what is permissible.

Civil OfficiateBudget
The cost of having a judge, a county clerk, or another government official perform the ceremony depends on the locality. The fee may vary if the officiate goes to the site, or if the ceremony takes place at a city hall. As for a religious service, it is customary for the best man to hand over payment after the ceremony.

Please contact us for more information on how we may help you.

By Kim

Betsy+Jeff: IU Wedding! Go! Fight! Wed!

We were honored to be able to coordinate the wedding of Betsy and Jeff.  What a great IU Wedding! How doe you like the way we designed the end zone???? Here is a “teaser” from Northernlight Filmworks.  We will have more to come soon.  All of you IU fans are gonna cheer for this one!


Union Station Wedding: All Aboard for Happily Ever After

All aboard! Destination, Happily Ever After! Our October 8, 2011 wedding at St. Luke’s Catholic Church

and the Grand Hall/ Union Station, Indianapolis was definitely a dream trip for our Bride and Groom, Josh and Leslie.  Their love story
begins upon meeting at their alma mater, Butler University.  The friendship grew into a romance that has been filled with joy and love!  When the couple became engaged they immediately came to us to begin design of their
wedding. They had two details in place; the church, St. Luke’s Catholic Church and the reception, Grand Hall/Union Station a historic train station located downtown in Indianapolis.

Our wheels began rolling and we went right on track to givethis couple a ride of a lifetime! Beginning with the save the dates, we loved our designers creation of a train ticket to attend the couple’s wedding in hues of their wedding palette-midnight blue and sunny yellow.

After months of planning, the arrival day is here and the guests begin checking in to St. Luke’s for a full Mass.  After the intimate vows and well wishes, the wedding party departs onto a trolley to take them to a destination of special sites for pictures on Butler’s Campus the Indianapolis Art Museum and at the Holcomb Gardens, while their guests begin “rolling” into the Grand Hall

As their guests arrive they are greeted by a huge ice luge carved into a train engine.  Guests gathered to view it and grab a signature drink, the Tarble Tini (named after the new Mr.and Mrs. Tarble).  The majestic carved wooden bar with marble and leaded glass lured guests to enjoy the moment before the “last call” for dinner.

Next, guests filed into the ball room and were “directed” to their “assigned seats”.  Each seat had a special place card with a small ticket assuring the guests “great service” and their selected meal.  The crisp white linens and midnight blue napkins were the perfect accents for the array of sunny blooms and twinklingcandlelight that the tables offered.

What a treat it was to have the Bride’s father and his band play for dancing and celebration.  The
Atlanta, Georgia based band, Gypsy Union,  journeyed to Indianapolis to provide an out of state and extraordinary experience for the guests.

Much too soon the last call was sounding as guests knew the final destination was in sight. Scurrying outside to see the Bride and Groom depart for their journey, guests grabbed sparklers that ignited against the midnight blue velvet skies like shooting stars.  The Bride and Groom jumped on to a rickshaw and headed for their final destination; Happily Ever After!


Coordination: Kim King Smith, Kim King Smith Events

Photography: Megelaine Photography

Floral: Jim Sims, Kim King Smith Events,

Makeup: Makeup by Sparkle

Hair: Trilogy Salon

Band:Gypsy Union

Emcee: DJ Ted Breen, Party Time Sound

AV: Evans Audio Visual

Invitations: Lemonseed and Co

Ice Sculptures: Jose Hernandez

Cake: Tiers of Elegance

Venu and Catering: Crowne Plaza, Grand Hall Historic Union Station

Hotel Accomodations:  Crowne Plaza and Omni Severin

Church: St. Luke’s Catholic Church

Transportation: Miller Transportation and Carey Limousine

Gown: Watters Design, Brides by Lori

Linen:: BBJ Linens

Rickshaw: Circle City Pedi Cabs



Wawasee Lakeside Wedding

A lake, a love, one magical afternoon…..that’s how we describe Andy and Kate’s Lake Wawasee Wedding.  Kate and Andy planned with us via California and Chicago for a sunny, romantic, detailed day and it happened indeed.  The design was crisp white linens with sandy colored runners, a large tent with small retro globe lights that would glow throughout the evening, a dessert buffet with fun desserts, food stations with fresh produce and beautiful color, a band that packed the dance floor and an all day and night celebration.  Add to that the ceremony and vows at the tip of the pier- floating on the deep blue lake, a ukelele instrumentalist, floral chandeliers hanging from the trees, childhood plus college friends from far and near as attendants and everyone you ever loved nearby.  To top it off a beautiful bride and groom that had the brightest smiles, warmest hearts and lots of hugs for everyone.


Coordination:  Kim King Smith, Kim King Smith Events

Photography: Kenton Dixon,  Dixon Digital Photography!weddings

Flowers:  Kim King Smith Events Floral Division

Jewelry:  October Anniversary

Pastries:  Blu Gate Bakery

Tent and linens:  All Occasion Party Rentals

Caterer:  Catablu Restaurant

Makeup; Makeup by Sparkle

Hair: JW Salon

Band:  Aberdeen Project

Ceremony Music:  Vince Early

Valet Service:  Syracuse High School FFA

Invitations:  Lemonseed and Co

Cake: Taylor’s Bakery


Thinking About Hiring A Wedding Planner?????

Here’s a little advice that might help you make a wise decision, from expert Leila Khalil.

To those of us in the wedding industry, hiring a planner to help with a wedding seems to be common knowledge. It’s only when discussing the topic with family and friends that I realize people sometimes don’t fully grasp the importance of one.

Haven’t we all heard a story or two where something didn’t go right at a wedding? It happens all the time no matter who is in charge, but the key is how those problems are managed. When a planner is not involved, is there someone designated to solve the issue of the caterer setting up in the wrong area? Who is making sure the gifts and cards are being accounted for? Or how about someone to find the cake knife and server when they disappear just minutes before its time to cut the cake? Most of the time the answer is no. Friends and family are left scrambling to solve these mishaps while also trying to enjoy the wedding as guests.

Almost every couple these days is working within a budget, but everyone seems to think they can save on costs by “doing it themselves.” So they will invest in a great photographer to capture the moments and details, a floral designer is hired to make everything look pretty and money is spent on linens, favors and a dessert bar. However, when it comes to getting a professional wedding coordinator to pull together all those details, often times couples decide to skimp on that. A slew of money is spent in planning, but come wedding day, the execution of everything is pawned off on an aunt, family friend, catering manager, or bridesmaid. Paying to bring someone on board who knows what they are doing puts the day at ease no matter the scale of the wedding. Even if there are beautiful decor elements and photos to capture it all, if the bride and groom and their guests didn’t fully enjoy it, that’s what will be remembered.

Don’t forget “you get what you pay for,” and a wedding planner is no exception. Planners that actually service brides as a business and not as a hobby are indispensable and will typically charge a minimum of $2500 depending on wedding location, size, and tasks at hand. Anything less may indicate inexperience. Do the research; check out some of these blogs who have credible vendor directories and list wedding planners all across the US.

Not convinced? Below are accounts from actual brides who didn’t hire the right professionals! Don’t let this happen to someone you love.

1.  Transportation nightmare: The shuttle may forget to stop at one of the hotels and leave guests behind before the ceremony is about to start… so now what?

2. Stranded at the altar: The couple may forget to designate someone to cue the musicians to know when the wedding party and bride should walk down the aisle. The groom and guests wait while nothing happens, but the same song plays over and over again.

3. Family Feud: Family members, who are helping run the day, may have a different vision than the bride and groom. With no third party mediator offering an unbiased opinion, the disagreements may escalate leaving the couple less than enthused about their wedding day.

4.  Communication Meltdown: The bar tab may exceed the allotted budget, but no one checks in with the bartender so drinks are continuing to be served leaving the newlyweds with an unexpected bill at the end of the night.

5. Budget Blunders: Most couples overspend on their budget and waste a lot of time researching vendors within their price point. Planners are used to working within the confines of a budget, they do it every day. They already know which photographer is going to be in your price range and which caterer will give you the most for your money.

Indianapolis Southside Wedding

Tyler and Nicole’s Southside Wedding was splendid in every way.  With an amazing palette of blush pink and champagne gold, our Trendsetting Team assisted Nicole in making her wedding a true Royal Occasion!  We loved the ceremony at the beautiful St. Roch Catholic Church.  Friends and family were beaming and teary eyed as they witnessed the beautiful Nicole and her handsome Groom, Tyler state their vows.  After the ceremony the wedding party was whisked away, for fun photos with Nathaniel Edmunds Photography and Jet Kaiser Films in Fountain Square and along the graffiti walls on Madison Avenue.  Guests, in the meantime, gathered at the magnificent Columbia Club on Monument Circle for the reception.  The ballroom was a breathtaking site of pink champagne and golden glimmer.  Our Trendsetting Team created a head table that was phenomenal; an arbor of gold with suspending candlelight and multitudes of floral and crystal glass. Guests loved  The Living Proof Band, as they danced the night away.  Special thanks to A.J. Ploughe  and staff, at the Columbia Club, for being the ultimate hosts!

Nicole & Tyler

Floral Design: Kim King Smith Events Floral Division

Venue:  Columbia Club

Church:  St. Roch Catholic Church

Cake and Dessert Buffet: Ritz Charles

Video:  Jet Kaiser Films

Photography:  Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Band:  The Living Proof Band

Stationery:  Lemonseed and Co

Photo Location: Fountain Square

Gown:  Belle Vie Bridal Couture, Vera Wang

Meet our New Intern, Erin

We would like to introduce you to our intern, Erin Morton, a Whiteland Community High School graduate and Indiana University Senior.  Erin has an enthusiasm and desire to dive in and work the industry.  We love her work ethic and soothing sense.  We have lots planned for Erin and will keep you posted.

Here’s the scoop directly from Erin: I have one younger brother,  a pooch named Rocky, was a star swimmer at Whiteland Community High School and have been a lifeguard too many summers to count!  I just received a degree in recreation and tourism from Indiana University/Bloomington, where I  lived the past four years.  I love  Bloomington, Red Mango (we do, too!) and spending time with family, best friends and teammates on the IU Swim Club.  My future plans include getting into the business of wedding planning and possibly other special events.  I’m  really not sure where life is going to take me right now, but I am ready for anything.  Once I get settled into the perfect career, I  hope to do some traveling.

Ask us about internship opportunities we have available.