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Insurance for your Special Events

Rob Zimny

Today I want to discuss the importance of insurance for your special event, celebration, wedding and lifestyle. Our expert is Rob Zimny, IU grad, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Shelbyville native from Pfenninger, Claxton and Estelle Insurance Agency in Shelbyville.  Rob may be reached at 317.398.9797.  You may get free quotes and insurance policies with him with or without having any  insurance coverage at his agency. We will chat and try to address some of your concerns for insurance.  Note we are not selling nor advising, just bringing some information to the table. Let’s start with Renters Insurance.  A lot of you rent an apartment or home.    Renter’s insurance is inexpensive and a lot of times you are able to get renters insurance with the same company you have your auto insurance with.  It’s usually about $10 more a month and you are getting $25,000-$30,000 on your personal property (furniture, clothes, computer) Jewelry needs to be scheduled on your homeowners or renters and insured for an agreed value.  It confirms you are getting pretty much what you exactly have.  Let’s make an example,  if you have a flawless one carat diamond that you purchased for $7000 and you have it specifically scheduled for agreed value, if that ring was lost or stolen you would get the same agreed quality for similar value.  If you did not, you may get a one carat diamond coming from WalMart or possibly a check for $2,000 instead of $7,000.  It could possibly not be the same like, kind and/or quality. Gentlemen, make sure to get the engagement ring insured as soon as you purchase it. Weddings, Farm or Outdoor events:  Who/What to insure???  The person that owns the property would need to carry the homeowner/farm insurance.  The hosts are approving the event and the property is in their name.  They  need to look into a one day or weekend policy.  Ideally, everyone would have insurance, farm owners, parents and the hosts.  If the hosts or family live out of state, they would need to investigate with their insurance provider.  Laws may be different and it would be best to research this. Two people that live separately ( both have renters or homeowners insurance) generally would be covered. The insurance company would determine how to split the coverage if there was a problem and it would be the decision of the insurance company.  It is a tricky situation and would take time to determine the resolution. A suggestion would be a rider for the day and they would also have an umbrella policy usually to $150-$200 per year for $1000000 up to $5,000,000 and a one day special event on top of this The umbrella policy covers a year i.e. if you have $500,000 on your personal liability and you had an accident you would have an umbrella.  A young couple that have one car and they are renting are not the ideal couple for the insurance.  The ideal client that would be liable would be someone that has property, value etc  to lose several cars, their main home, lake home, boats etc.  Once the amount of liability you have is used up, the rest comes out of your pocket i.e. your house, personal property, car or more.  Lots of times, prominent individuals especially, want to make sure they are covered in case they are sued or if there was any type of injury.   Ask the question…. If you are going to be sued what do you have to lose?  Serving alcohol and the number of guests helps determine the insurance coverage fee.   Gifts:  Gifts are in a car and the car is broken into.  It’s covered if you have auto insurance.  If you are at your venue and gifts were stolen it may be hard to recover.  More than likely turning the claim in would be more than the deductible. Travel Insurance: This is something you should check into prior to making any reservations.  You need to make sure you know exactly what it covers and if this is what you desire. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Rob.



How to Host a Rehearsal Dinner

If you are the parents of the groom, then tradition and protocol dictate that you’ll be hosting a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party, their significant others, and a few special guests after the rehearsal. Because there are often several details to address before a wedding, planning in advance can assist you greatly.  Here are a few tips to have a memorable and wonderful evening.

1. Talk to the bride and groom. After a rehearsal date has been set, you’ll need to discuss times, venue choices, locations, and guests.

2.  Plan to hold the rehearsal dinner in a place that compliments the tone of the wedding. While more casual rehearsal dinners are often a reward to a hectic schedule, some brides and grooms prefer a more formal event.  Make sure to take into consideration disabilities and age challenges.

3.  When selecting a venue, be sure that it is not too far away from the rehearsal itself. You want to make things convenient for the invited guests so that they don’t have a late or complicated evening.  Having it nearby the hotels and ceremony site will make it easy for the guests and logistics. 

4.   Make sure that the venue can accommodate a large group of people at one large table or two tables together. A rehearsal dinner held at a site that only has smaller tables dispersed  doesn’t work well–it often doesn’t offer conversation and the opportunity to mingle. Try to choose a place with larger tables or an arrangement that can seat everyone together.

5.  Consider the venue and if it fits with your budget.   Check out the menu selections and all fees involved. Sometimes a predetermined menu works best.

6.  You’ll  need to plan the guest list–request for the bride and groom to write down a list of people to invite as well as their addresses. While rehearsal dinner invites are often spread by word of mouth, it is more courteous to send an invitation to those involved. Keep the rehearsal dinner list relatively short; this shouldn’t upstage the wedding. Try to keep it within the members of the wedding party and members of the immediate family.

7.  If you want to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, you can indicate drink choices on a custom printed menu that you may provide.   An open bar or a few select drinks such as beer, wine and softdrinks is acceptable too. 

8.  Before the evening begins, have an idea of where you want the night to lead to. Guests need to be fresh for the wedding the next day; don’t plan late night activity. Make sure to speak to the banquet captain prior to the event to explain what the agenda will be. 

9.  Toasting is quite appropriate for this special occasion.   After everyone is seated and has been served a drink, introduce the couple with a quick toast. Following this toast, members of the wedding party may make toasts too.  Allow others to make toasts between courses, so that the night may keep a flow.  Prior to dessert, the bride and groom may distribute gifts to their wedding party members. We recommend that both of them introduce and give a personal thank you to each member of the wedding party .  After dessert is served, let everyone that would like to give a speech  do so.  This will eliminate lengthy speeches at the reception and offer more time the following night for celebration.  When you are ready for the night to be over, take the lead by thanking everyone for a great evening.

10.  If you like, have flowers for the Mother of the Bride. This is a gracious gesture, and it also helps you form a good relationship with the new in-laws. Likewise, a bottle of wine is a good gift for the Father of the Bride.

11.  Small favors served with the menus are also a nice touch but aren’t expected or required.Favors can include chocolates, a small frame or album for pictures taken the wedding weekend, a wedding-themed trinket or food gift. 

12.  Specialty linens, custom printed napkins, floral arrangements, entertainment and more can all be ways of adding your special touches to the celebration.  This is your opportunity to  include your style, your son’s interests and your personality into the wedding weekend.

We hope this information will be valuable to the groom and his family.  Please know we are here to answer your questions and calm any anticipation.  Remember, the staff at Kim King Smith Events is ready to assist you with a fabulous Rehearsal Dinner.  Just ask us! 

by Kim