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Archive for the ‘Testimonial’ Category

Tie It All Up!

While bow ties weren’t high on the market for several years, they can now be seen on fashion runways, celebrities and young trend setters. Whether you’re going for a casual or more formal look, there are several designers that offer unique chic bow ties at affordable prices. Fabrics can vary from silk, velvet, wool or thick cotton; all of which are fitting for any occasion. For fun summer patterns, visit Randy Hanauer’s collection at  There you can find an endless source of charming elegant fabrics to create your perfect bow tie.  If you’re going for a basic or solid bow tie, take a look at David Donahue’s traditional black silk bow tie at

R. Hanauer’s woven bow tie will make any groomsmen look sophisticated and sharp.

R. Hanauer’s combo bow tie incorporates various patterns like stripes, dots or solid colors to create a fun fresh look.

David Donahue’s traditional black silk bow tie can be found at any Nordstrom store.

By Laura

Repurpose That Old TShirt

Wow, this is different.  Speaking of repurposingMemorial Day is almost here and all of us at Kim King Smith Events want you to be ready for it.  Here’s a way to take an old Tshirt and make it into a coverup.  Quite clever and endlessly fun.  Especially if you clean out the entire closet with your designs! Go to for all the details for design.  We love to repurpose items at Kim King Smith Events.  Let us know if you have a great idea too.

by Kim

Red Velvet in a Jar

Oh my word!  I had to share these IMMEDIATELY!! What a fun idea from; red velvet cupcakes in a Mason Jar. 

Wouldn’t this make a great favor, shower dessert or gift?  Imagine taking these to the office as surprises for your fellow workers.  Wow, the list could go on…..

The recipe below is a tweak of Paula Dean’s recipe.  Can’t wait to try it.  Let us know, here at Kim King Smith Events, if you do and how they turn out!

– 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
– 1 1/2 cups sugar
– 1 tsp baking soda
– 1 tsp salt
– *2 1/4 tsp cocoa powder
– *1 1/2 cup canola oil
– 1 cup buttermilk, room temperature
– 2 large eggs, room temperature
– 2 tbsp red food coloring
– 1 tsp white distilled vinegar
– *2 tsp vanilla extract
for the cream cheese frosting:
– 1 pound cream cheese, softened
– 2 sticks butter, softened
– *2 tsps vanilla extract
– 4 cups sifted powdered sugar
Follow these easy directions and enjoy! Bake the cupckaes, split in half, put half in the jar, a little cream cheese icing, the next half and a big kiss of cream cheese icing on top :):):)  Put the lid on and tie a fork around the jar.  Remember, when using cream cheese, you MUST keep refrigerated (better safe than sorry).

By Kim
Thanks to and Paula Dean

Let’s Beat Breast Cancer

Calling out HELP to everyone. Friends, family, brides and all others PLEASE consider participating or donating to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, April 17, 2010, IUPUI.  The event begins at 7:30 A.M. and is one you will NOT want to miss. We have a team that you may join, Kim King Smith EventsJust click here to enter or donate: a donation at 90999.

Breast Cancer will strike one in eight women.  Fight back before it captures someone in your life. 

I am a breast cancer survivor and I know what it means to have support.

 Organizers are hoping for 40,000 participants to walk or run.  Right now numbers are down and we need your assistance.  Please ask your friends and family to join.  You will make a difference!  There will be food, entertainment and lots of brave men and women.  If you cannot participate, please donate.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much!


The New Gracie Collection

Kim King Smith Events has discovered another product you will love!  BeeGee Bags is at it again with the new Gracie Collection. These clutches are so cute they practically speak for themselves. With just about any color under the sun available, this is the perfect way to add the extra “WOW” factor to any spring outfit whether you are going out for a causal night on the town or a formal wedding ceremony or reception. To all of our brides out there, if I was one of your bridesmaids, I would not be upset to receive one of these clutches as a bridal party gift.  

by Kassidy

An Idea to Make Your Chick Happy

Hey guys, why not surprise the love of your life with an enchanting Easter egg?  Now, think about it.  Wouldn’t be fun to watch her hunting through the grass for eggs only to find the one that holds SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL?  I know my friends at G. Thrapp Jewelry, 56th and Illinois, could help you come up with a SURPRISE that sparkled and was not edible.  For more ideas on how to make girlfriends really happy, contact us about our Engagement Proposal Creation Services. 

p.s. Ladies, make sure all of your guy friends see this and contact us  at Kim King Smith Events for other great proposal ideas to make their Chick happy.

God Bless Our Troops and Their Families

Here is a book that I think you all will love.  FAMILY PRINT is true insight into the challenges our brave servicemen and their families endure.  Please read the formal press release courtesy of

Army National Guardsman Major Timothy Stoner, commander of Indiana’s first Black Hawk unit in Iraq, and his wife Tiffany chronicle their journey into and out of war. Stemming from the blog established as their primary means of communication during wartime, FamilyPrint: A family’s unique reflections during war, tells the story of this family of six.




Zionsville, Indiana (PRWEB) October 27, 2009 — Trading wingtips for combat boots and managing four children under the age of six, Tim and Tiffany Stoner transform their difficulty into an experience of graciousness, growth and gratitude. homecoming.


Not only does FamilyPrint depict this candid wartime experience with words, but also via the breathtaking photography of Nathan Rowe, who beautifully captures the agony of separation and the utter joy of coming home.

Indiana’s Governor, Mitch Daniels says, “When a National Guardsman deploys there are truly two people at war: the soldier who goes to fight the enemy and the spouse who stays behind to face, in many ways, an equally difficult task. Tim and Tiffany Stoner’s new book is a useful reminder of the debt we owe to both members of any National Guard Family.”

Author Tim Stoner has returned to his position as the director of the infrastructure and security practice at a consulting company. He remains an active soldier in the Army National Guard.

Author Tiffany Stoner is Chief Home Officer of the StonerSix. In addition, she works part-time for Accenture and owns her own photography company, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography.

FamilyPrint is a nonprofit organization assisting the families of veterans deployed overseas. Striving to support both the soldier in harm’s way as well as the family here at home, FamilyPrint offers programs that assist with the outbound and inbound transition of the soldier, childcare support during deployment, financial assistance for families in need and care items for deployed soldiers.

The coffee table style book is expected to release shortly before the holidays. To place pre-released orders for the book, visit

Thank you to all of our servicemen and their families.  All of us at Kim King Smith Events are very proud of you.  We hold you in our prayers!

By Kim


Calla Lillies

I thought I would give you some information on Callas.  Everyone loves them so!  I think they must be one of the very most popular wedding blooms if not THE most popular! 

There is little doubt why the Calla is so popular.  It’s beautiful fluted shape, almost like a champagne glass, gives it a distinctive, elegant look. 

The Calla comes in several bright colors.  Notice it’s leaves and see that most are lance or heart shaped.  How coincidental for our special wedding flower!

Information courtesy of

Let our design team at Kim King Smith Events assist you with your florals.

By Kim

Introducing a Precious Part of the Wedding!

Taylor is definitely ready for a black tie affair!

A great little guy!

I would love to introduce you to the sweetest little boy.  I have grown to know him for over a year now, and get to FINALLY meet him next week.  His mom and dad, Marie and Jay, will be getting married at the beautiful Conrad and Kim King Smith Events will be there with them.  Taylor is traveling all the way from North Carolina to join family and friends for this celebration.  I wanted to share his wedding attire with all of you. SHHHHH this is a sneak peak of his special look.  Don’t you think he is adorable?

By Kim

Registry Rules: A Guide to Assist You

How to Make Your Bridal Registry Go Smoothly

Article Courtesy of

  1. register early: What are you waiting for? Registering for wedding gifts should be one of the first tasks you tackle when you get engaged. Friends and relatives will be looking to buy wedding gifts as soon as he pops the question. Really! Take the guesswork out of gift buying by making sure they know what you want. You don’t need to complete your list just yet, but at least have a selection for guests to browse.

  3. do it together: Hitting the stores together is essential. After all, the gifts are for both of you. To decide what you need, take inventory of the things you already have and see where the gaps are. Talk about the style of home you’d both like, and split up the final say (you could alternate items) to make it fair. (Maybe he gets to make final decisions on electronics, while you get to choose the kitchen stuff since you’re the chef.)

  5. register for whatever you want: Don’t feel like you just need to register for china and flatware. Many stores have wedding registries now, so feel free to include whatever it is that will make your new house a home, be it electronics, appliances, or even camping equipment.

  7. but…think about how you live: Try to avoid filling your list with things you’re never going to use. If you two aren’t the formal party types, then you probably won’t need a crystal punch bowl, as compelling as it may seem when you walk by with that registry scanner. Also, be extra-sure before you register for anything that’s monogrammed. Once your name is on it, you probably won’t be able to return it.

  9. check the store’s return policies: It’s always a good idea to inquire about a store’s exchange/return policies. The great thing is many wedding registry retailers have amazing customer service to accommodate to-be-weds’ needs (for example, you might suddenly realize that you don’t really have room for 24 chargers and want to return, say, eight of them). That said, being aware of the store’s return and exchange timelines will help you better plan and manage your registry.

  11. make sure you hit all price points: As much as you may be hankering for that gorgeous $350-a-place-setting silver, be sure to register for items in a wide range of price points: under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200, and beyond, so all of your guests can choose gifts they can afford. You don’t want your college friend feeling overwhelmed by the fact that he can’t find a single gift; and on the opposite side, you don’t want your parents’ closest friends to have to buy you a multitude of smaller items to give you a generous gift.

  13. be considerate of your guests: At least one (and preferably all) of your registries should be available online. Guests should also be able to place their orders in person, over the phone, or by fax. If you’ve registered at a boutique retailer that doesn’t offer online services, you should be okay, as long as that’s not the only place you’ve registered. We live in a hectic world and you want to let guests be able to order you a gift — even if it’s 2 a.m.!

  15. update often: When a guest buys a gift for you, your registry should automatically update, allowing other guests to see what’s been purchased (and allowing you to see what’s on its way!). Make sure to revisit your registry often (trust us, you’ll be visiting several times a day once the wedding day nears), and update it with additional selections as products are purchased so that guests always have a variety of things to choose from. Aim to have at least twice as many items on your list as guests at your wedding.

  17. think gift cards: Sure, some couples love receiving cash, but asking for it is not exactly Future Mr. and Mrs. Manners-approved. A more etiquette-friendly option? Try gift cards. Many stores allow you to register for them and you can use them to buy the things you want and need…later. If you are anxious for cash gifts, ask one or two close friends and immediate family members to politely spread the word.

  19.   say thanks: Be gracious — let your guests know their gifts have arrived — promptly. Thank-you notes for gifts received before the wedding should be sent within two weeks of their arrival. Notes for gifts received on or after the wedding day should be sent within a month of your return from the honeymoon. In all notes, be sure to mention the gift by name.  Need registry ideas?  Ask us at Kim King Smith Events.  We have great ideas for gifts and celebrations to give gifts!