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Archive for the ‘Wedding etiquette’ Category

Tips for a Great Toast


  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves…..Whether you are planning to give a toast or receive one.  Here is some great advice to guide you.

 1. Keep it brief.  Think of a toast as a miniature, one- to two- minute speech.  Because it is short and sweet, memorize your toast.  “Two big mistakes are that people read their toast and don’t make eye contact,” says Dr. Mardy Grothe, author of Viva la Repartee.  Nervous about blanking out? Use a note  card with bullet points, suggests Karen Bussen, author of the Simple Stunning Wedding series.


2. Look to others.  Turn to the honoree’s favorite author or singer for inspiration.  “If they  like Mark Twain, find a quote that speaks to the occasion,” Grothe says.


3. Rehearse.  Deliver your toast to a friend or into a tape recorder, especially if it’s an emotional toast.  “Heartfelt tears are wonderful, but not if folks can’t understand what you are saying,” Bussen says.


4. Be appropriate.  Stay sober- an alcohol-fueled toast can be longwinded and inappropriate.  Another no-no:  toasts that      become roasts, Grothe declares.  Humor is key, but consider the audience and avoid controversial remarks or sore subjects.


5. Ask everyone to raise a glass.  Make sure you are holding a drink too.


Information from USA Weekend Magazine, author Kelly Di Nardo



The Wedding and Events Tasting: Thomas Caterers

Where do we even begin? Thomas Caterers of Distinction, you completely outdid yourselves. The food, ( there’s no other word) ROCKED. The presentation, AMAZING. The creativity, IS THIS A DREAM?

Kelly, Vince and staff, you knocked it out of the park!!

The Annual Tasting took place this spring at their event space, D’Amore.   We had the privilege of being a guest and had a great time.

From the spiked orange soda served in mini coke bottles, to literally retrieving my hummus trio from a wall, and being served a personal cheeseburger pizza by a slide- it was an amazing start to a wonderful evening.

After countless appetizers and cocktails we got down to business, dinner and dessert. Dinner was great, delicious in fact, but what really had our attention was dessert. Surprised? Didn’t think so, but don’t think you have it figured out just yet! Thomas Catering was full of surprises and the dessert was one of them. We had dessert, served breakfast style. We’re talking cocoa Cheerios partnered with a Godiva liquor infused milk. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Could you imagine serving this to your guests as a late night snack? They would love it. We’re talking L.O.V.E.

We can’t even begin to hit on every single highlight of the night although we could, and you would probably stop ready by page five. There were so many great selections and surprises throughout the entire evening. Seriously, you blew our minds! So we’ll just let the picture take it from here.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures by photographer on site, Erin Hession or Indy Visual.  The beautiful lighting and AV were provided by Evans AV.

Weren’t we lucky???

Thomas Caterers, from every last one of our taste buds, thank you!


Kathleen and Kim

Individual Style: Advice for the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and You



Celine Bag                                                                Lorraine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I I had the privilege to meet with my friend and stylist, Lorraine Winkler, recently.  Loraine has been a stylist and couture manager for Jacobson’s, Saks 5th Avenue and now Nordstrom.  She assists a vast amount of clients that are busy, professional and all with various styles.  Working with individuals for special occasions and events is one of her many fortes.

I asked Lorraine to give us an inside scoop on fashion and timeless style. She is the “go to” lady and may be reached at the Nordstrom in Naples, Florida at 239.325.6100. The beauty about working with Lorraine is that you can live anywhere in the world, shop with her by phone or email, get free shipping and be delighted!

First, we spoke about Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.  Lorraine feels there are two very important strategies here.

1.  Get a dress you can wear again and do not upstage the bride.  When looking for your dress, it is best to go directly to the store’s personal shopper or stylist.  They always provide a complimentary service and know the store like the back of their hand.  Let them know your price point.  Don’t hedge, tell them!

2.  Determine what your priority is.  Do you want to go all out on the dress, the  shoes, the handbag or all of the above?

Lorraine feels some great designers are Adrianna Pappel, Suzy Wong Chinn, Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Akris Panto, Reem Acra. Kay Unger and Vera Wang.  The average couture gown will be $2,500 while non couture could be $300.  One point to remember is that you do NOT have to match the colors of the bride’s colors in your dress, unless you want too.  Fashion colors this year lean toward dusty rose (Jessica’s, our lead designer that just got married wedding palette) and sapphire blue (Abbie’s, my son’s fiancée and now new wife, wedding’s palette). An example, Abbie’s colors were cornflower blue, powder blue and silver.  I wore coral.  I chose coral because it is a good shade to go with my coloring and complimented Abbie’s blue.  Abbie’s mom wore a silver grey and looked fabulous. Jessica’s mom wore navy that is a great neutral and looked great with Jessica’s wedding colors.

When you get your dress, go ahead and purchase the shoes and handbag too.  Complete the entire ensemble, instead of procrastinating.  For shoes you have one question: comfort or style????  Remember, you will have to wear them for a three hour minimum.  For couture it is hands dowon Jimmy Choo, Prada or Manola Blahnik.  Lorraine had a recent client that paid $198 for her dress, $700 for her Prada shoes.  Other shoes with a smaller price point would be J Renee, Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, Nine West.  It is totally up to you on where you will go….A nice clutch and nice earrings will complete your FABULOUS look.

I asked about tips for investment clothing too.  I really feel and have learned that buying 10 $9.99 shirts is not the “steal” that buying one good shirt is. My experience has been that I wear one investment piece far more times than a “bargain”.  Lorraine agrees, go for what you feel confident in and look great in.  Most of the time it isn’t going to be on the clearance rack. Look in your closet and look at what you repeatedly wear vs. your bargains……..Need we say more?

Don’t over accessorize.  If you love that statement necklace, don’t wear 10,000 bangles stacked. No fads on shoes either. Remember comfort, especially when you need to wear your shoes all day.  Always possess a  neutral colored shoe.  We think nude is a great investment along with navy and black.

Here are some of Lorraine’s insights: Choose one of spring/summer’s bright colors in a skirt or dress with a nude shoe will lengthen the leg. Print always will make you look heavier, whether it is a swimsuit, dress or pant. A printed top with a solid colored skirt or pant looks better.  Print will look better on a smaller frame too.  Black is always the “go to” color. It is timeless, just don’t overdo it. Your best investment colors are white, navy, black, grey and khaki, she claims.

For handbags, go with one you love! Go with one that will make you feel great and will work with a lot of your wardrobe.  Kid leather is softer and can tear compared to caviar leather (Chanel’s) or canvas (Louis Vuitton’s handbag fabric).  Think also about getting a handbag insert that holds all of your “goods” and can be removed quickly from one handbag to the next; making it easy to use ALL of your handbags, instead of the favorite few repeats. One of our favorites handbag inserts may be purchased at ETC for the Home in Bloomington. I purchased one there and use all of my handbags now….finally!  Lorraine’s favorite bags is the Chanel Grand Shopper.  Yes, this is an investment, but  you could carry it every day for 20 years and never go wrong.  Michael Kors, Valentino, Tory Burch and Coach are other bags Lorraine likes. Inside scoop: Celine is the newest couture bag that Lorraine claims EVERYONE wants. We’ve pictured the Trapeze style.

Remember, you always hear it here first!  We love fashion and we love you!  Make sure to let us know about your favorites too!





Escort Card vs Place Card

Escort Card: A small card  with the name of the guest on it, placed on a table,  to tell the guest which table they will be seated at.

Place Card:  A small card with the name of a guest on it, placed on the table, to indicate where he or she is to sit.

Which will you use? Know the difference and use the card that best suits your wedding needs.

Proper labeling:  After you have decided, here are ways to address and label them properly.  For a single guest and their date, Mr. John Jamison and guest. For a married couple, Dr. and Mrs. William Hartman, for a single guest, Ms. Megan Jones.  Note that you do not need an escort card for each guest.  You will need a place card for each guest.  Dietary restriction may be flagged with a logo, monogram or color; usually near the right hand corner.

We love that Brides use these cards to assign guests to specific seats.  The escort card gives the guest a place to sit and usually with others that they know and will love to share the evening with.  It is also a great way to designate and alert wait staff of any guest having a special dietary restriction.

Escort cards don’t have to be to be a “card” and they certainly don’t have to be lined up like soldiers in little straight rows.  We love adding personalization to the cards and even using unexpected elements in place of a place card.  Whether you have a dramatic floral design or a fun decor accent on your table, guests will appreciate a little direction and having a space reserved especially for them.  Which do you prefer?

By Kim