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Archive for the ‘Wedding Parties’ Category

Fun Wedding Departures: What will your exit be?

Thanks to our fabulous photographers Brooke Photography, Morgan Matters, Jesse Daniels, Tall Trees, The Studio, Megelaine, and Brittany Davis

Throughout your wedding planning you have envisioned making sure to WOW your guests with your invitations, décor, linens, cocktails, dinner and entertainment.  Each element of your wedding or event sets a tone and excites your guests about being part of the experience.

Have you ever thought about the party ending?  What about the departure?  Would you like to make it as memorable as the entry into your ballroom?  Ceremony or reception, your departure will leave a happy memory for you and guests.

Don’t overlook the wedding departure.  It can be fun and fabulous!  What better experience than to leave your guests with another unexpected, happy and exciting moment?  We have offered some images of past weddings that we hope will WOW you and give you the inspiration you may need to create your very own Grand Departure.  Make sure to let us know what you decide.

Happy planning!



Sarah + Johnny: Colorado Destination Wedding

We love being involved in destination weddings.  This summer we had the privilege of helping Sarah + Johnny with the details for their Colorado Wedding.  What fun we had!  Better yet, they were married during a 7 hour pocket of great weather before the terrible storm in Colorado.  We are so thankful for them and that their wedding was a beautiful time.  We love sharing this picture with you and there will be more to come.


Jessica and Kim

Advice and Wedding Dress Code: What Do I Wear to the Wedding?








The big question “What do I wear to a wedding?”

 You want to look your best for the occasion yet not steal all of the bride’s glory.  First and foremost think about where the wedding is. Is it outside, inside, at a church, outdoors, on the beach or a country club? Will you be cold or warm?

For the Ladies

Depending upon what style of wedding, here are some
great suggestions.

If the wedding is during the day and informal, a short dress is perfectly acceptable. If in the evening a cute cocktail dress will be comfortable and allow you to dance the night away.

The little black dress is always a perfect selection. Don’t be afraid to add a little more glam or accessorize it.

If the wedding is formal or black-tie a long gown or dressy cocktail dress is perfect.

For an outdoor affair, a dressy sundress can be a great choice.


For the Gentlemen

Men, your wardrobe is very important too. Just like the ladies, depending on the location and time of year different outfits are considered appropriate.

In the summertime a light colored suit made of linen or seersucker not only looks sharp but is also light and comfortable.

During winter, wool suits, sweaters underneath blazers, and navy and charcoal are all very dressy and will impress guests.

Bow ties always add some fun to the wardrobe and are one of our favorites.

For informal weddings, a shirt, tie, dress pants and vests are acceptable; however, a blazer is also a good choice.

If you feel too dressed up you can easily remove the blazer.


Remember, weddings are the Bride and Groom’s  special day. They worked very hard and invested
a lot of time to make it just right! Be considerate in what you select to wear
and when in doubt, always take it up a step.

Quick tips:

Don’t wear white.

Save black for the evening.

No need to worry about coordinating your outfit with that of the colors of the wedding.

If the invitation says, Wear your best black”, be prepared to know it is a more formal occasion.

If the invitation says “black tie” be prepared to wear evening gowns, very dressy cocktail dresses and possibly a tux.

By Kim and Andrea





The Cupcake Girls

Don’t deny it, we all have a list of favorite television shows that we watch every week. One of my new favorites is The Cupcake Girls. I tune in every Tuesday night. The Cupcake Girls is a great show for me because I have such a sweet tooth and so every time I watch it I want to bake! Good thing I resist the urge pretty well or else I might be overcome with enough desserts to last me a year. The Cupcake Girls is about the trials and tribulations of Cupcakes by Heather and Lori, a nostalgic cupcake franchise in the USA and Canada. Heather White and Lori Joyce are the co-owners of Cupcakes by Heather and Lori and the show tells the story of their rise in the cupcake world. It’s got everything. It has charm, whit, and cupcakes, with a lot of business savvy.

I am telling you about The Cupcake Girls to recommend that you watch the show of course, but also to fill you in on why cupcakes are so happening. Cupcakes are like little bundles of joy. They are just as delicious as a full cake, but in a better serving size, and you can get so creative with them. Yes cakes have the same ability, but it’s a little unusual to see a mound of cupcakes instead of one large cake. Cupcakes are becoming so popular because they are unexpected.

I am a creative person and so I see so many possibilities when I think about serving cupcakes instead of one big cake. You can use cupcakes as the main dessert display at any event. Birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and even weddings are all great places to serve the little cups of heaven. You can try new flavor combinations, get a little artsy with the icing, or try a new display method. For example, you can line up your cupcakes and spell words with the icing as if it were a puzzle. For a birthday or graduation party you can spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or any sort of congratulatory message. You can mix icing colors and designs to create your own original cupcake to match any theme or color scheme. As a bride and groom, think about serving a tower of cupcakes instead of layers and layers of cake that would take forever to cut. Contact us here at Kim King Smith Events and we can assist you with your cupcake craze! We would suggest keeping the tradition alive though, by getting one small layer of cake for the bride and groom to cut and then having a crafty cupcake display for the rest of your guests. No need for volunteer cake cutters, the guests can come and pick up their individually wrapped dessert as they please.

Now if you still want to cling on to the idea of one big cake, consider a cupcake cake. Now you can buy new baking pans that are shaped like an oversized cupcake and matching icing topper. These pans make for an unusual cake that can add a little surprise to the party. Nobody will be expecting one gigantic cupcake! So whenever you want to be that person at the party that always brings the best looking and best tasting dessert, think cupcakes!

By Ali

Photos courtesy of:

How to Host a Rehearsal Dinner

If you are the parents of the groom, then tradition and protocol dictate that you’ll be hosting a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party, their significant others, and a few special guests after the rehearsal. Because there are often several details to address before a wedding, planning in advance can assist you greatly.  Here are a few tips to have a memorable and wonderful evening.

1. Talk to the bride and groom. After a rehearsal date has been set, you’ll need to discuss times, venue choices, locations, and guests.

2.  Plan to hold the rehearsal dinner in a place that compliments the tone of the wedding. While more casual rehearsal dinners are often a reward to a hectic schedule, some brides and grooms prefer a more formal event.  Make sure to take into consideration disabilities and age challenges.

3.  When selecting a venue, be sure that it is not too far away from the rehearsal itself. You want to make things convenient for the invited guests so that they don’t have a late or complicated evening.  Having it nearby the hotels and ceremony site will make it easy for the guests and logistics. 

4.   Make sure that the venue can accommodate a large group of people at one large table or two tables together. A rehearsal dinner held at a site that only has smaller tables dispersed  doesn’t work well–it often doesn’t offer conversation and the opportunity to mingle. Try to choose a place with larger tables or an arrangement that can seat everyone together.

5.  Consider the venue and if it fits with your budget.   Check out the menu selections and all fees involved. Sometimes a predetermined menu works best.

6.  You’ll  need to plan the guest list–request for the bride and groom to write down a list of people to invite as well as their addresses. While rehearsal dinner invites are often spread by word of mouth, it is more courteous to send an invitation to those involved. Keep the rehearsal dinner list relatively short; this shouldn’t upstage the wedding. Try to keep it within the members of the wedding party and members of the immediate family.

7.  If you want to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, you can indicate drink choices on a custom printed menu that you may provide.   An open bar or a few select drinks such as beer, wine and softdrinks is acceptable too. 

8.  Before the evening begins, have an idea of where you want the night to lead to. Guests need to be fresh for the wedding the next day; don’t plan late night activity. Make sure to speak to the banquet captain prior to the event to explain what the agenda will be. 

9.  Toasting is quite appropriate for this special occasion.   After everyone is seated and has been served a drink, introduce the couple with a quick toast. Following this toast, members of the wedding party may make toasts too.  Allow others to make toasts between courses, so that the night may keep a flow.  Prior to dessert, the bride and groom may distribute gifts to their wedding party members. We recommend that both of them introduce and give a personal thank you to each member of the wedding party .  After dessert is served, let everyone that would like to give a speech  do so.  This will eliminate lengthy speeches at the reception and offer more time the following night for celebration.  When you are ready for the night to be over, take the lead by thanking everyone for a great evening.

10.  If you like, have flowers for the Mother of the Bride. This is a gracious gesture, and it also helps you form a good relationship with the new in-laws. Likewise, a bottle of wine is a good gift for the Father of the Bride.

11.  Small favors served with the menus are also a nice touch but aren’t expected or required.Favors can include chocolates, a small frame or album for pictures taken the wedding weekend, a wedding-themed trinket or food gift. 

12.  Specialty linens, custom printed napkins, floral arrangements, entertainment and more can all be ways of adding your special touches to the celebration.  This is your opportunity to  include your style, your son’s interests and your personality into the wedding weekend.

We hope this information will be valuable to the groom and his family.  Please know we are here to answer your questions and calm any anticipation.  Remember, the staff at Kim King Smith Events is ready to assist you with a fabulous Rehearsal Dinner.  Just ask us! 

by Kim